Other Soo Yuens

Links to other Soo Yuen Organizations are being developed.  In general, Soo Yuen is an organization established for clansmen in the USA.  However, over the years, many organizations with like mind have joined forces to become affiliated chapters.

  • Local Chapters – Sacramento, Stockton, Oakland, Los Angeles, all in California; New York City in New York; Portland in Oregon; Seattle in Washington,; Chicago in Illinois; Cleveland in Ohio; New England in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Sub-Chapters – El Centro in California; Phoenix in Arizona; Spokane in Washington; Boise in Idaho
  • Affiliated Clubs – Yuen Doong Family Association in San Francisco, California; Yuen Dong Bat Suey Association in New York City, New York
  • Affiliated organizations in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and the Phillipines

Known addresses:

芝加哥分堂Chicago Chapter:

2317 South Wentworth Ave
Chicago, Illinois, 60616.
U. S. A. www.sooyuenchicago.org/
(312) 326-1089

二埠分堂Sacramento Chapter:

401 J St,
Sacramento, CA 95814
U. S. A.

(916) 448-5532

西雅圖分堂Seattle Chapter:

525 Maynard Aly S Apt 210,
Seattle, WA 98104
U. S. A.
(206) 622-2866

洛杉磯分堂 Los Angeles Chapter:

993 N Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012   http://syasoca.org/

(213) 624-5712

紐英崙分堂 New England Chapter:

61 Harvard Street
Boston, MA. 02111-1846  http://sooyuen.com

(617) 482-3353