Conditions under which the Soo Yuen Common Ancestry was Established

Since antiquity, a person was given a family based on his/her birth; otherwise the person’s place of birth determined the family name. In any case, a person’s family name can always be traced. Therefore, our common family names – Louie, Fong and Kong – how these came about and how they branched from one name to three - can also be clearly ascertained.

Nevertheless, ancient documents for researching our ancestry are lacking, being scattered widely in various districts, counties and provinces in China. Once in a while, people ask why and how these three families came from the same lineage, with the thought that we should not completely forget our ancestry.

In my leisure, I looked into the various ancient historical texts, and realized that in the time of the Huang Emperor, he had commanded his court officials to look into this matter of ancestry and lineage. It was determined that a gentlemen called Louie (meaning thunder in Chinese) was equal to Yu Fu and Chi Bo. We believe that this is the origin of the Louie family name.

To further support this point, the Introduction to the Fong Family Pictorial Lineage Records mentions that the Fong name came originally from the Louies. This text recorded that Shen Neng’s (the Emperor “Spiritual Farmer”) grandson eight generations after him was the son of King Yu Wang. This man was the prime minister of the Huang Emperor’s court, and he accomplished merits by helping to defeat the barbarian Tchi Yo. For this, he was granted land at the Fong Mountain.

This man’s progeny split off to take up the family name Fong. Further, ??? with the name “Yip” (leaves), and their progeny was known as the Yips.

Additionally, investigating into ancient texts from the Jun Dynasty, it was noted that the Huang Emperor had twenty five sons. Only two of them had the same last name. Only the Ching Yeung and Yee Ku had retained their original family names. Of these two, Ching Yeung was the nephew (maternal) of the Fong-Louie family. A footnote also mentioned the Fong-Louie was the family name of Shi Leng The Emperor Huang had married a daughter of a Shi Leng son whose name was Louie (same sound as the previous Louie, except here it means “conch”) Jo, borned in Ching Yeung. Since the word Louie (conch) sounds the same as Louie (thunder), they were known as Fong-Louie, a compounded family name.

Investigation into books on folklore, every time Louie is mentioned, a footnote always further explains that it is the progeny of Fong-Louie. Similarly, under Fong, a note says the same thing.

Therefore, the same origin of Louie and Fong, though different, are really from the same origin, and we can believe this is supported by evidence.

In Dan Kwei Village of Nan Hai County, the ancestry records still call themselves Fong-Louie, to make sure the progeny do not forget where they came from.

Speaking of the Fong Lineage, after numerous generations, to the time of Tang Hsi Emperor, a Fong Yin Fu was the Military Strategist of the royal Wei family. Because of their contribution to defeat the bandits led by Huang Tsao, he was appointed a mid minister of the military department. He had seven sons – Ting Hong, Ting, Nin, Ting Fan, Ting Yuen, Ting Yin, Ting Fwai and Ting To. The Lineage Records calls them